Entertainment value

We already had a word to collateral content in a driving or racing game, let’s have a closer look at Assetto Corsa’s supply for Single Player entertainment. Of course you have a complete sandbox of just driving on your own or against the AI – but there are also Special Events and something with the name Career Mode.


Currently, both don’t look overwhelming. Let’s have a thought about “why”.

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AC, Social, Video

Hacking cats (update)

It looks like Stefano Casillo will pick up his pretty popular live stream about coding in Assetto Corsa again:

The stream has been delayed, but I’m still excited and maybe it’s a good thing to summarize what his stream is about and what to expect from Season 03 of “Look What The Cat Hacked In”.

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[Meta] Advertising and appearance

Soon the blog will show ads and reset my appearance changes. This is not because I suddenly want to make money, but the initial WordPress trial ends and I either had to pay a lot of money or just go on with the limited package which seems to include advertising.

I’m very sorry, but nothing is for free and WordPress is right to take its share for providing services.