Invisible trucks

Reddit-user DrQ999 found a little surprise:


Wait what? Yes.

The team’s trucks are parked in a spot you usually can’t see them. What an utterly useless detail – and sooo lovely. But wait, that’s not all. They even have different models that even look-a-like real models:


Of course we can expect they are 100% skin-moddable, we’re talking about Assetto Corsa here.

Brands Hatch is btw. not the only one – the slightly older Barcelona seems to know team vehicles as well, while the updated Nurburgring does not:


My favorite quote of the comments:

But the Mercedes trailer is being pulled by a Scania! It should be an Actros, immersion ruined!


I’m surprised. You need to edit an .ini file to enable the free camera so you can eventually see this. This hidden gems shows how much Kunos loves to do it “right”. And – we had no clue, not a single line of patchnote or some hint – that they don’t even care if somebody can see it or not. It seems it’s more like an … attitude. Assetto.

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