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Casual climax

Kunos published a new video, showcasing the 1.5 changes to Assetto Corsa:

Well made, but not their best one so far. Let’s have a look and also compare to the last article about AC videos. Please watch it before you read on, otherwise your first impression could be influenced.

#1 Existence

It’s a very good idea to bring such a video with or after a major patch like 1.5 at all. There are thousands, very active drivers who spent hours ingame and in the AC community as well and know every single bit about Assetto Corsa – but according to sales numbers there must be a much bigger piece of casuals that don’t.


So giving a well presented overview what they have done is also helpful for a huge audience of part-time simracers. Maybe some are even attracted to come back for a few laps and have a good time.

#2 Visuals

There are completely new visual overlays like text and fancy stuff we didn’t see in Kunos videos so far. Different, but pretty tasty and maybe related to the style of the Console version’s GUI (example):


#3 Details

AC naturally offers a lot of stunning details that can be shown off, the latest Console trailer is a good summary with all the flappy wings and so on. Unfortunately there are also details you don’t want to show or pronounce, to avoid confusion – like this:


On a first glance, it looks as the tyre glitches through the car model like the average plant in Skyrim. In fact everything is fine:


But does everybody know this? For an official advertising video, this looks like a poor choice among 100 cars.

Nitpicking? Yes, and I found another one. Of course the new backfire visuals are presented, and they are incredible. Ingame. In movement. Screenshots tell a different story – they are nice but maybe look overdone and unrealistic. Presenting them in slow-motion is one of the worst things I could imagine. A fast series of downshifting cars from different angles and perspectives (subtle and not too focused on the fire) could have been much more impressive. And where is the special one? Kunos showed exceptional love to details by giving the P1 a blue flame – it doesn’t appear in the 1.5 demonstration? But yes, sometimes Kunos doesn’t always care to sell what they did, which is sympathetic in a special way.

Still nitpicking.

#3 Cuts, beats and surprises

Let’s compare to the major points made in the “amateur” video’s review. The cuts indeed are short in general, which feels pretty good. Some are even below 2s, like the exterior view on the Corvette. The longer takes are presenting important content, nothing is boring.

Surprises? Check. Picture in picture track views, helicopter views, jet views, all-in-one camera position comparison, focus on driver, a lot more. Some tricks are shown two times and loose charm, but overall this is a great job.

Beats? Hell, yes. My biggest compliment to the Core racing video was that the music wasn’t just applied to a finished video, but the other way round. Beats and music flow define the video editing – and the 1.5 video is a textbook example. Takes are cut are consequently with the rhythm through the whole video. Additionally the length varies but always stays within the beat, very interesting application. Very, very good!

#4 Old material

This may only be visible to a core community that doesn’t need to be impressed by some free DLC presentation. It contains some already known parts of older Kunos videos, which is ok if you don’t pick something like this:


To my knowledge the pitstop animation was  borrowed from the 1.0 RC teaser which also happened to be the Assetto Corsa intro. Everybody knows this scene. And honestly it looks like from a different game compared to the rest of the material.

#5  Sounds

With one outstanding exception Kunos did not use race and car sounds that much, again after an absolutely silent Console advertiser.

Engine sounds are deeply related to our love to cars, aren’t they? Like this, but the top class reference is still the Nordschleife teaser. If you don’t have goose bumps within 35 seconds, you are should reconsider your hobby.

I deeply hope this isn’t some new direction towards preferences of a different audience. Actually I care a lot about that, just because I love the art Kunos created in the past too much.

#6 Sounds

There it is, the outstanding exception. This is how you do it. No words needed.

#7 Music

Music is a matter of taste, no question. But what went wrong here? After a quite good start and very well pronounced beats, the pictures behind raise the tension and excitement until a climax with the reverb-fly-by –  then the action explodes in a M4 going sideways in a flashy effect, and the music …


… , well. It just goes on, as nothing happened since the first few seconds. Compare this to the perfectly supporting anthems we’ve seen before, this is unfortunately a show stopper. The action is there, and the whole show just should lift off now.



So we had some tiny details, some subjective stories about engine sounds, a technically very well made video overall with a great highlight. It could have been outstanding, but – for me – the music killed the sensation. It would be glorious with an end at 1:29. Or even better with some more sensational music afterwards.

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