Confessions of a legendary unicorn

Hidden deep down in the official support forum, section “Physic Bugs & Issues”, user leon_90 threw up two “Historical Inconsistencies” regarding Assetto Corsa’s Lotus 49. That subforum doesn’t get that much attention and many might miss this.

Leon seems interested and well-educated in the famous Lotus 49 and it’s era, even quotes actual books (for the younger ones: some kind of physical internet) and links to an interview with Jim Clark. He raises that the Lotus 49 did not have adjustable gears as Assetto Corsa suggests and that the top speed isn’t accurate.


(source)  (interview-link)

This was interesting and I would like to hear more from Leon. Nao then reduces the top speed issue to the gearing delivered by Kunos, more or less:



What happens next when you come to the physics forum and deliver interesting input? Aristotelis shows up with even more interesting answers:



TL;DR: Read it.

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