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From artist to artist

Speaking of videos, there is one artist that you must not miss when it comes to simracing, even if it’s a few weeks old.

Just to make sure you don’t:

What an extraordinary homage to Assetto Corsa and the showcased cars.

Usually a video article contains some analysis, but on this one I don’t feel qualified. No matter how often I watch this video, I can’t even start to comprehend what this guy is doing. So maybe just insert any good word I have about any simracing video in the past or future.

What can be said is that it was a tough decision which one to link first. I highly recommend having a look at JonZMovies‘ YouTube channel. You will notice that especially project CARS – Louder Than Words feels like a side project of Peter Jackson. Exposure 2 does something very different and extremely hard – it keeps constant tension and speed over 5 minutes without getting to amaze.

By the way: Exposure was released in 6/2014 and can be regarded as earlier stage of the project – which also explains why Exposure 2 contains footage of older versions and graphics of Assetto Corsa.


How might a developer feel when he can witness something like this for the first time? Homage means “is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something”, from one artist to another one.

May this guy never lose time, love and dedication to edit videos.

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