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Twisted turns

Most probably you didn’t miss the latest story of that blog, which suggested the theory that Turn 10 plans to buy Kunos, probably to merge things into Forza. covers both the original message and Kunos’ official deny.


I like this picture for the question mark.

Imagine you are a blog that lives for the sensation and clicks, and prefer to bring the bad instead of the good. Imagine you have access to at least a beta tester, or even more – like insight into the beta forum or even the AC beta itself.

Currently the beta should contain the Japanese DLC with new cars. In a beta, usually things aren’t perfect and you should be able to collect a lot of strange information, WIP stages and glitches screenshots. But even if everything is already perfect, you could get screenshots and not released information. A huge part of the AC community is lurking AC’s Facebook site and Forum for such material, the hype is real –  as usual.

So you – as such a blog – have access to all of this and the only thing you publish is a story of Turn10 and Kunos? Wait, this sounds strange.

Following this thought, I tried to obtain an information: How many occurrences of “Turn10” or “Turn 10” are written down in the Beta Forum in the past weeks? It is pretty important to know whether there was an open information in the forum, anonymously accessible to everybody with access to the forum. It currently is very hard to get attached to people you think they are testers (obviously), but I’m pretty sure the answer is “none”, and 2 completely unrelated in 2015.

Of course this isn’t really credible and cannot be proven, but if it is true, the whole story is more something that would be dropped in something like a chat or Mumble/Skype conference.

Now let’s go the other way round. Imagine you are a software company with a beta program just like Kunos. You might have beta testers that share classified material. Maybe you have identified people you might not really trust, but who knows. What are your options?

A quite clever move could be to make up a story, and unofficially share it to well chosen, small group of testers. The story should be harmless, easy to prove false (ok it’s not) and pretty sensational so nobody could resist to tell about it.


This might be a twisted thought, but somehow this seems more probably than the original story. Not the part with Turn10 by the way, such things can happen any time. But the kind information that appear to leak from the beta community don’t make much sense to me – although I have to admit that I can’t count the things that don’t make sense to me in this simracing community.

So as usual, I could be completely wrong.

3 thoughts on “Twisted turns

  1. The website where this ‘story’ originated is nothing more than a clickbait website. They don’t just spread unconfirmed rumours, they’re renowned for spreading blatant lies.


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