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Pioneer’s ticket

Video reviews usually end up with some kind of checklist – how interesting is it, are there exciting surprises and – if applied – how good is the sound. Today we’ll have a very different masterpiece that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

YouTube user Marcel Pfister already striked with Mixed Reality videos of Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa using sophisticated green screen technique (thankfully followed by a nice tutorial). But he didn’t stop there, his latest creation is even more mind blowing.

Marcel owns a Westfield SE and is quite talented on the road or track.

So this time, he didn’t just show off the mixed reality technical skills, but actually recreates a real Nordschleife tourist drive within Assetto Corsa. The details are just lovely.

It is starting with different camera angles up to a driver’s eye, which allow pretty interesting variations during the 10:40 minute video. But he even recreated details like using the ticket on the entrance, really makes you smile:


On the track, it is almost unreal how well both reality and game footage match, definitively on par to Aristotelis comparisons. I’m not sure if the Caterham Academy (mod) actually should match the Westfield SE’s performance that well, on the other hand it would be very crazy to drive the real Nordschleife in a similar way than in a sim.

But the real stunner is that even the traffic is considered very well – you see overtaking, yellow flag traffic, cars standing around after accidents in both versions and even recreated head movement.


There has been spent some serious effort with several people, but it was worth it – the result is just amazing and a joy to view.

We can see some glitches though. The driver’s eye camera is duct taped to the Rift and reflects the green environment in a way it becomes transparent as well, maybe the tape should be painted black for even more immersion.


Also the shifter looks weird, but this doesn’t look like it could be easily fixed:


And of course the interior model of the used Caterham mod isn’t that detailed and also quite different, but again this is not easily fixed.

And there is a really crazy idea for future comparison videos (I hope they keep coming!): As we are watching a open car, the real life footage has a lot of wind causing movement in his suit. Could the green screen setup be enhanced by a fan that blows dependent on the speed of the car? As far as I know Assetto Corsa has a programming API for external devices like Smartphones, you probably can send your current speed to some unit that controls the fan.


Overall this is just epic. The path of augmented and mixed reality is looking pretty exciting and maybe one day you will have school videos in history class that look at this one – a pioneer ahead of his time.

2 thoughts on “Pioneer’s ticket

    1. Thank you for your work! I hope I didn’t mess up details (again).
      But as you are here, can you give a comment about the Caterham (mod) street performance versus your Westfield? Are they really that comparable?


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