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Laser-scanned numbers

We already touched the topic in Stefano’s Livestream preparation article: For the update 1.2, Kunos added the track Zandvoort – as a polished mod instead of from-scratch laserscanned work. According to my memory – and the public perception – this caused a huge shitstorm. “Lazerscanned” is some kind of AC meme now, and Aristotelis called it a failed experiment.

Now, 11 months later, AC user ShredatorFIN picks up the topic again and opened a poll asking the same question again:


The current results are surprising. Or not? Worth a look.

#1 Review

First, let us recall the points made: Some are just disappointed as they naturally expected a laser scanned track like the ones before – and in fact there was no communication during the announcement of Zandvoort. Others completely reject not laserscanned tracks and prefer no new track over a not laserscanned one. The fanboys turn this around and prefer a non-scanned track over no new track.

The latter sounds sensible, but there are catches. It is not only a free track at zero cost: As soon as there is an official version in AC, I highly doubt there will ever be a laserscanned version. Zandvoort is now in; money and effort will be spent on different tracks.

And of course, Kunos has to licence it for money. The track becomes one of the 40k wifes, needs maintenance and increases problems. But on the other hand, “official” mods are suddenly available to everybody – even guys who aren’t into mods. And there is multiplayer traffic, something that just doesn’t really happen for mods.

After almost one year, I’m pretty sure Zandvoort is a huge success and maybe even in the Top 10 of driven tracks – but it was born in the storm.

#2 Results

Coming to the polls results. Again, by public perception a huge majority opposed the not-scanned track. Surprise:


(Disclaimer: Poll in progress, live results here)

43% would buy the next one? Less than 30% are against it? What happened? Could Kunos convince “the community” that it actually was a good idea?

#3 Cheap analysis

Probably, but suddenly I didn’t believe my own memories. Ignoring Reddit and such, I returned to the original thread and started to count people and opinions.


I tried to log users and the number of negative, neutral or positive feedback (where neutral includes lots of plain discussion and fighting) in order to get some figures how many people actually said “no” or “yes” and how loud each group was. I tried to work through the 21 pages till Aris’ post, but lost faith after post #162. Didn’t really hurt, as most people already stated there opinion and just had a fight at that point.

  • of 162 posts, 55 (33%) have been positive towards Zandvoort, 95 (58%) negative
  • of 44 users, 15 (34%) have been positive towards Zandvoort, but only 22 (50%) negative
  • The Top 3 negative users posted 51 times (32%)
  • The Top 3 positive users posted 20 times (12%)




As I’ve seen that the same guys posted their refusal over and over again, I was afraid I just did not get the right picture of the public opinion. But luckily you can turn the numbers as you like, there public vote was negative (whatever the major opinion of 44 guys are worth). Now we have a 70% approval rate .

Either the community individuals have changed, or people changed their minds. Both is great, but if Kunos could actually convince people to oppose their former opinion… I want to believe.

But keep in mind, 44 or 150 of 200,000 guys are in no way representative and most probably there are just other people voting now and then.


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