Missing webcams

A short summary of the livestream:

#1 Intro

  • without webcam, gave up just before the stream
  • without guitar intro, needs to understand how to add the guitar to the stream
  • Recap why the last stream ended and how it came he can send in HD now: Due to threats by kidnapping and even execution of foreigners on the Philippines “next door” he stopped streaming for not drawing attention until one more kidnapping occurred and they moved out to Italy
  • His wife wasn’t allowed to leave due to the words “might” or “may” in law that caused problems with the airline
  • They spent some days in Italy until they moved to the Netherlands at Christmas
  • He misses the constant (hot) weather but work is better, internet as well even with online driving
  • This Stream will be shorter and more coding (which didn’t happen)
  • No Console questions will be answered due to Sony&MS NDAs
  • Having a publisher (505 Games) does change things like what he can/wants to talk about

#2 Demonstration

  • Look at 1.7
  • Tatuus FA01 at Vallelunga-Club, best lap 0:47:219
  • The Performance Delta App is updated with a graphical bar showing the delta’s delta. You can see very nice how your brakepoint was chosen and how much speed you carry through the corner, compared to the reference lap
  • The Realtime App now shows Ambient and Track °C, additionally Grip %. If the grip display will remain is not sure as grip should be pretty obvious
  • Ambient & track temperatures won’t be constant through a session in 1.7
  • Ferrari 458 GT2 at Imola: Brake temperature demonstration. They start cold (25°) and naturally heat up. Brake force seems affected by cold brakes
  • The coding part isn’t that complicated, huge work will be done by Aris giving the correct parameters for all cars
  • Many laps would have to be driven to test and verify the numbers (talking about months) – so he developed a brake temp editor/predictor


  • Not sure if it (the brake temp simulation or the editor) will be included in 1.7
  • Currently he doesn’t like AC’s braking with high downforce cars as you need to fade – in real life you would just smash the brakes as hard as you can. Introducing the brake temps will bring some of the fading effects and so will work closer to reality
  • The “timing system” will be changed by adding opponents information when you are in pits, for example sector times and maybe even the performance delta

#3 Q&A

  • False start / engine stall will be done
  • Race end in MP should change (not teleported to pits), but still a clear signal
  • VR: Early Rift version was made by a developer that left Kunos, so he had to study and fix. The new Occulus SKD is much better and it wasn’t that huge effort
  • I didn’t understand the locked physics question or answer
  • Short menu: not that good progress
  • Shortcut to pits remains a problem, they are looking into understanding when this is
  • Nobody solved the riddle for S02E06
  • Forced AI pitstop is possible
  • Low rpm driving would be nice to simulate (race cars don’t like them)
  • He had a Yamaha R6!
  • AC Pro “opened” doors to deals (probably like Ferrari), future licences will do
  • Agrees that the soft lock option sucks right now
  • Stefano has no contact to Pro customers
  • Marshal flags should be easy to implements, movement looks more tricky
  • Steam workshops: In theory it is working, but: Website is not updated to the content, shows the amount of details that need to be worked and maintained
  • Vive support: Has the box, but didn’t open it (he says he’s pretty lazy and the Vive has a lot pieces to put together)
  • Full Vive support will be in and is high in the list
  • The 1.7 date is not done yet
  • Stefano is trying to expand the team (question as if they accept Computer Science Students), too much passion and little workforce
  • Game developers don’t really like simracing (for developing) as they “only” copy the reality and there is little room for game design
  • Track takes a lot time, pure track packs unlikely
  • MP replay: state is unacceptable
  • Adjustable Font Size is already released in 1.6
  • SRS is great and he is grateful that it is redesigning parts of the launcher
  • Stereo mirrors in VR: no plans
  • Weather transitions would be cool, but he’s not sure if smooth transitions possible
  • Zero chance to get the launcher in VR. Think of the helmet
  • AC 1.x won’t have Vulkan support, but he will look into it for further versions. DirectX is exclusively different to Vulkan
  • No custom online liveries: No, at least not customs
  • Is the engine the limit to many things you want to do: Hard explanation, look for yourself (~55:00)
  • Camera tools for video makers: “Everything is possible”, but not on the radar
  • Simone followed the 24h of Nurburgring, Stefano slept
  • Light flash button: Yes! Car position LEDs could come in as well!


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