What a race

The 24h of Nurburgring just ended in a blast. After 24 hours of driving the leading #29 HTP Motorsport AMG GT3 needed a short refuel because the total pace was 30 seconds faster than expected – and they needed one more lap. #4 Black Falcon could reduce the 40s gap to maybe 4 seconds and had quite some luck with the traffic on the Nordschleife, so they could attack in the last lap on the GP circuit and take the lead. The 24h were already over at that time.

The overtake seemed hard and is currently “under investigation”. Although it looked like a bad divebomb and both cars even touched, it was ok.


#4 (white) had overlap at the corner’s entry, so he has a right to stay on the inside through the corner. On the contrary #29 didn’t respect him and tried to go in on the ideal line, so if #4 wouldn’t have the advantage of winning I could even think of a penalty here.

What a race, what a pace.


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