Mixed I

Silly me. The last days I couldn’t really find something to write about. Luckily I’m not looking for any kind of success in this blog, so this is totally ok for me. Usually you should bring interesting things in a persistent way – but, for me, it just didn’t happen anything interesting in the last days.

Now I had an idea or two, but suddenly I can’t even decide, so we’ll try some mix of little things today.

Coolest story first: Prepare for S03E02!

You should find some preparation here.

#1 Marco spills the beans

Totally surprisingly Marco just gave an interesting insight on Facebook (forum copy), Stefano translated this to English:

An afternoon in KS

Friday afternoon, aroud 5pm: our concept of “weekend” is pretty vague, it’s something fluid that connects friday mornings (where we work like “beasts” ie hard) to mondays. The blessing and curse to do, professionally, what you love makes so that the working universe and the personal one mix eachother, and that watches and calendars are more something to remind us of appointment with dentista or make wirsts look cool than singal working times. It’s great actually. So, last friday, there was a spontaneous brainstorming, where each one of us gave his vision of what we did and how he sees AC. This is some lines from it:

I am in the phase that I hate AC, it disgusts me (it usually lasts 2-3 days), “I don’t like it all”: I just came back from Germany and I started to hassle Simone to try some new stuff, and, instead of sending me to hell, he patiently got to work only to end up in the same place where we started. Almost, because we improved 2-3 things I was not so happy about. Stefano wants to work on tyres because the longitudinal “antani” (a reference to an italian comedy movie.. ie “something I don’t understand”) does not make him happy and there is margin for improvement: “our physics is exposed, modder can do amazing stuff and we can and must do more”

Simone: “Have you seend last Unreal Engine 4 changelog? Is it a joke?”

Marco: “Simo, look, consider that not even Epic manages to have Paragon running at 60fps HD”

Simone: “Yes but have you seen the procedural grass? And the carbon fiber.. scroll the page”

Marco: “It’s not fair”

Stefano: “Yes but heads up, last screen is a real picture tho”

Marco: “thx baby jezooz”

Aris distracts us, he talks about his new video in collaboration with Sureal Car, in which there is a virtual/real comparative with one of the future AC cars, which I was not expecting to be so impressed to drive, but that it’s quite different from the base version, and it’s already one of my favourite. I can’t believe how many sacrifices he (Aris) does driving cars with “millemila” (ie. a lot, literally a thousand thousands) BHP just for us (…). And so we end up talking about next package, that takes away the tiredness of the Friday, it gets us excited, with the Spielberg (A1 Ring) track that is growing up every day, and that is starting to show the final shapes. I warn Manuel he’ll be fired but he assures me he’s working on the sparks (and considering his achievements with backfire I am optimistic). A bit of gossip of latest Nurburgring experience, and what’s coming in the next months.
Satuday, I am still here organizing next week activities, testing stuff, driving, playing. Meanwhile, somebody is updating something in the dev build. On a Satuday. Steam is spying and it communicates me that “Simone has started Assetto Corsa”, I remember talking with Aris about Steam stats, I go to check mine, 6600 hours on Assetto Corsa.

And that suggests me it’s time to snap out of it, at least for today: this is going to be the hottest June in AC history, it’s better to save the strengths. We’re going to need them.. and you are going to need that too.


And also teasing a new Sureal Car comparison!

#2 About AC Pro

I needed some time to realize the most interesting bit of S03E01 is that Stefano states he doesn’t have any contact to Assetto Corsa Pro customers. AC Pro is the serious (and most probably $$ expensive) side of our simulator, used by professional car manufacturers to train and prepare test drivers and so on.

Given the fact that Stefano doesn’t even know if Honda uses AC Pro, he definitively doesn’t have actual work for Pro customers. Surprising. We know AC doesn’t have the best game part included, but that’s absolutely not important to the Pro version – but I would have expected feature requests regarding physics – no way Stefano wouldn’t know when e.g. Porsche needs more “simulation value”.

#3 About endurance races in sims

Recently there was one of this discussions.. People pick something they think it should be cool and fun, but it is not. So they think what could be missing and do a proposal. The thread wasn’t interesting until Minolin tweeted some data about endurance racing in AC:

The attached screenshot shows that 62% of the sessions driven on a 20 laps Nordschleife Server didn’t even complete one lap. Only a handful did more than 10 laps, and not one of 1500 drivers completed 14 (of 20) laps.

So now you could either assume there is no interest in AC endurance racing, because vital features like random fails are missing. Once Kunos “fixes” this, endurance racing will suddenly become enjoyable and popular .

Or you come to the conclusion, that we maybe want to have good endurance races, but there is just very little interest in actually driving them.

5 thoughts on “Mixed I

  1. Thanks for these Cats on Slicks. I appreciate your posts.

    As someone who clearly trawls the AC forums and so on, any thoughts on what tracks they might release after the A1? Which U.S. track do you think?

    Also, I get quite excited about the new cars coming this year, particularly the P1 GTR and 488. What cars excite you, and what unannounced cars do you think we will end up with?

    Steve D


  2. Good input, but I’m afraid you would be disappointed. As much as I’m interested in the whole AC thing, I’m not really that excited about car and track content. Content is coming so fast, I feel like in a rollercoaster. To my opinion we need much more time to focus on the cars before new distractions are coming in – in many cases you won’t understand and love a car if you didn’t drive it enough.

    Also, pure guess-work without either investigation or thoughts isn’t my choice either, so I have to pick this up and will try to find out something. The U.S. track is indeed interesting.


  3. I think I just enjoy getting a rough feel for the speed / handling characteristics of various cars, and enjoy seeing them race each other on real tracks with accurate modelling. Even if I can’t master each car, I can see their relative speed. I find the Huayra a struggle to drive quick, but I love watching it chase McLaren’s through the Nordschliefe. I predominantly drive just a few favourite cars, such as the 650s GT3 and M4, but I love being able to simulate and experience so many of the others accurately. Sometimes, (as nerdy as this sounds) I sit up on the main hill at the Ring, and watch the simulated cars driving past. I’d love to be able to see how much quicker the new 488 is around the Ring, or the 675LT, or how the Porsche 918 compared to the Carrera GT, or how fast the 787B is, and so on.


    1. Understood – AC is really good at showcasing and comparing cars. But honestly, I can only estimate and guess how much passion, work and money was invested for each single car – I feel guilty when I just test-drive them and then look at the next one 😉

      Btw I had some thoughts and research about possible new cars and tracks, maybe this is worth an article soon.


  4. Sounds good 🙂

    All the AC guys just put up countdowns on their Twitter accounts, so something (A1?) is coming soon.


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