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Old is the new new

If I didn’t knew him better, I would think we have a troll here. But no, WallyM has the pretty good question “Are there too many cars in AC?”.


My current scoreboard: 3:3. But that’s not the most interesting and educational topic here.

#1 There is more than a title

I’m shocked about the reactions. Many contributors either didn’t bother reading WallyM’s point, or didn’t understand it. I’m wondering how you could miss both the original question AND the partially ongoing discussion just to drop “no” in many variations? Do you know the story of NPR’s april fool (some reactions)?

So I hope at least now you know both NPR’s story and WallyM’s discussion point: Counting over 100 officially supported cars, AC has some obligation. Adding features that need updates on cars are becoming more and more expensive. Is there a critical amount of cars, and what are the consequences beyond?

#2 Nothing is free

Is a common misunderstanding, especially (but not restricted) in the current generation: Usually, you don’t get anything for free. Everything has it’s price. In the scope of AC, even getting a feature without charge has it’s price. You didn’t get something else instead, and any change has impact on technical debts and so on. Usually we are too far away to even start to comprehend, but sometimes we have a pretty good vision – like in this post.

Having 112 cars forced Stefano to write a temperature simulator, as he could see Aris would use months if he had to manually test-drive his model adjustments per car – or fail in quality. Something similar already happened with the AI, Stefano once wrote an automatic Fast-Forward AI simulator to determine where they struggle – track and car combinations became too many to manually handle the tests. Although it’s a pretty cool idea, this development time already is invested. Maybe to the direct cost of engine stall, who knows?

But, maybe I’m just thinking too complicated here. When confronted with an exclusive OR, the better answer seems to be:


#4 Why more cars?

Let’s turn to the discussion itself. There are obviously good reasons why Kunos should (and will) more or less ignore the question and bring more and more cars: People expect and love it. AC will stay “alive”, people will even pay for new cars via DLC – which allows Kunos to go. Also never forget there are dedicated roles inside Kunos, it’s their meaning to acquire licences and forge high quality cars!

3 reasons, good and extremely obvious.

#5 Development cost

WallyM already described it. There seem to be two different classes of physics/car related changes: One is more or less globally applied, and the other one needs per-car-interaction. The latter definitively include tyre model changes, as we could see that some releases had cars on different models. Or brake temperature simulation. Kunos will be forced to either spent a lot of time for future changes in this class; find clever ways around (like the temperature simulator) or reduce quality (which includes mixed versions).

#6 There are indeed to many cars

From a certain angle: New cars are coming in way too frequently. No joke. AC is not an 700+ car arcade racer, where the differences between the cars are more or less reduced to model and color. Every car has it’s very own behavior and soul, learning a car (or track) has depth. The pace you can go, the fun you have and the feeling for a car will vary until you really mastered it inside the range of your capabilities. Very few guys do this within hours, most need weeks or even months.

Bringing 7 or 9 cars every few months makes this impossible, so you might stick with some cars you favor for prestige or first impression – but you can never learn and judge all of them before the next new shiny download starts. It is like playing a new video game every day, but never going beyond the tutorial.

This is getting even worse as almost every patch changes cars or global physics more or less drastically. Did you drive the Cobra since tyre model version 7? The Alfa 155 since 1.6? When was your last ride on the famous Yellowbird? Did you actually have the time to learn the Audi Quattro? How about the Mercedes SLS? The McLaren F1 GTR? Alfa Romeo GTA? Lamborgini Countdach? Ferrari 312T?

Face it, there are so many cars in AC you didn’t drive lately, enough or in their latest version. You want new cars? Launch Assetto Corsa, pick one and start out.

#7 Leave room for improvements

Yes, Kunos doesn’t really plan ahead for AC 2.0. But we all hope some day it will be a thing – if content is that important they probably should “save” some accessible cars (and tracks) for the next sensation.


Oh I hate it. Whenever new cars are there, people seem to test-drive them, nod and then ask for the next ones, way less than 1 day/car after the update. Personally, my best experience with AC is when I have spent a lot of time, usually even with some combo I didn’t like in the first place. Everything is evolving, like where you struggle, where you think you are fast, where you know you are fast, where you pay attention to, and so on.

Adding the cost side, personally I’d be absolutely fine if Kunos reduced the content output to maintain quality and give me time to actually experience their creations. Unfortunately this won’t be majority opinion among the community. WallyM, thanks for bringing this up.


Forgot this. I usually don’t need feature requests as I’m pretty happy with myself and therefore anything around me, but this one really got me:

I want a “Random”-Start button, random car on a random track. That would be great and solve some “I need a new car” issues.

One thought on “Old is the new new

  1. Well I think the real problem is that most other game studios have more than one guy doing the heavy coding work. But yes, I think they should focus on car diversity instead of sheer quantity. I want Group 5, LMP, late 90s touring cars, WTCC, …


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