Mixed II (Update)

Again, a day with some interesting things and some not.

#1 Look What The Cat Hacked In – S03E03 – Control + T

– What’s what
– New stuff coverage
– Traction Control 101 for Simulation Experts ™
– Special Guest
– Q&A

The “Special Guest”-idea was introduced in the last stream, which is pretty great. Personally I hope for Manu, but any other Kunos member joining the party would be very cool. Aristotelis should add lots of ENTERTAINMENT_VALUE, he appeared in the last YT chat and had some laughs on his side. Luca won’t have time due, he needs to search the 3D section  for helpful resources (see #2). Marco would be cool as well, as Stefano usually dodges lots of questions with “uh I don’t know, Marco does this licence thing”.

Update: Stream is cancelled without a word, which most probably is related to #2. (otherwise Stefano usually says “uh sorry no time”). Thank you guys!

#2 Drama

Unfortunately we had another performance of “a world’s end” on the official forum, if you missed it read the official announcement, Stefano’s only sensible response on the resulting whinethread and Aristotelis’ addition. Then watch at the post count and you know everything.

In short: Kunos wants to (re)turn the car, track and livery sections in the official forum to support forums, where tutorials are found and “how to” questions can be discussed, instead of showcasing and offering mod downloads and so on. People take this as excuse to be offended and overall it was pretty boring. Race Department opens a corresponding forum section.

The thing that moved me most was that I count 51 dev posts in this issue, 3 of them worth writing. Especially Stefano completely fell for feeding a troll. I wished we had only a fraction of this developer attention in the more constructive and interesting topics. And I the community could invest that kind of passion and energy in something more relevant, like driving or folding paper airplanes.

#3 17th: X – 10

The riddle goes on, forum user Chucky hints that Luca posted pictures of “X Team Drift”:

X has many meanings, but one is the Roman 10 without doubt. Do we see a hint for Subaru?


Mmmh nope. Kunos aren’t exactly beginners here, nobody would spoil the fun a week before the date. So my bet: This is just some more material for Kunos’ amusement. I hope they get it, after a day like that.

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