Fanboyism and silent explosions

Let’s have a short break from the serious business. I was asked about what unannounced cars I’m expecting and what I’m excited for. Despite my current satisfaction, my opinion that new cars are coming way too fast and my general disagreement with wishlists: Needed some time for that, but only to prepare – the answer was there immediately.

(Source: – some very cool wallpapers here, have a look!)

Both my #1 most anticipated and also expected car in the near future is the new BMW M6 GT3. Kunos seems to have a good relationship to BMW, they have been included from the beginning and also delivered later additions like the 235i Racing or both M4. BMW does not look like a crazy licence as they are pretty common in racing games, so I don’t see extraordinary complications here.

#1 Facts

The new M6 GT3 is the successor to the Z4 GT3 (since 2010) and hell of a beast. It was introduced pretty late in comparison to the other 2016 generations: Mercedes AMG GT3, Porsche 991 GT3 R, Audi LMS and SCG003 had many test and even race laps in 2015. Still the M6 did a decent job at the 24h of Nurburgring: While the race was completely dominated by the AMG GT3s, ROWE Racing scored a 5th place – which made BMW the 2nd manufacturer that crossed the line, followed by Bentley, Audi, Porsche, Nissan and Glickenhaus.

The 4.395 ccm TwinTurbo V8 was able to nail a 8:19:697 fastest lap during the race, competitive and only 0.6 seconds slower compared to the actual winner. On the track it looks like the car is seriously lacking top speed (in comparison), but makes this up with anything else. Especially faster corners seem to be the backyard, very different to the Allrounder Z4 GT3 before.

Based on facts – this is a car you can’t fail with. Kunos won’t alone for that reason, but there is more. Warning, we’ll move to personal opinions now.

#2 That look

I loved the Z4 GT3 for many things, but especially it’s ridiculously different visual appearance. In fact I was afraid of any successor as it had to be a downgrade here.



Although the BMW lost parts of its uniqueness (is this a word?) and the general shape now looks more comparable to the Mercedes AMG, it’s still a blast. Love it.

#3 That sound

Interestingly Mercedes introduced a new level of sound-awareness with the SLS AMG – there were Mercedes and all the others. While the new AMG sounds pretty similar to the SLS, BMW introduces a complete new experience. Now there are AMG, M6 and the others.

Disclaimer: Yes, this isn’t true for the simracers – titles like AC pronounce the character of every single car’s sound very well and therefore they are different – but as spectator on the real race track you will learn that only the AMG and M6 define their own category among the GT3s.

We’ll have some samples, but a word of warning: I searched the web for hours in order to find a appropriate sample of the new M6’s sound – but apparently it’s impossible to record all you hear on track. Most lost bit in a record is the sound the car creates when going off throttle. I can’t explain why, but it sounds -no feels like a silent bass explosion. First I thought this is the automatic throttle blip sound on downshifting, but then I learned the explosion occurs on short lifts as well.

But even without this extraordinary detail, I can enjoy every second I hear:


You might notice, yes, I’m quite a fanboy here. How could one not love this beast? Well, I know – you haven’t heard it in the wild. That could be a reason.

Talking about BMW, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a 235i street legal car as well – the racing (we already have) should be a cheap race car very close to the street one (think of the 8th gear), so the effort of bringing it should be pretty low compared to other creations, and also highly interesting. The 235i racing is very fun to drive and race, but the street version with semislicks or even street tyres and a less perfect default setup sounds tempting.

Do we need any of these in AC? Nope, absolutely not. There are already too many GT3s or street cars to actually use it. But would I freak out? Yes.

2 thoughts on “Fanboyism and silent explosions

  1. The M6 for me is an odd thing, see for me i start with the front of the car and im like damn that looks fantastic but slowly as you go from the from to the back it gets worse and worse and then OH GOD THE TAIL LIGHTS.

    What really bugs me about the car and the bentley too is that I sort of feel that they dont belong there, i mean on the road you dont see people comparing a 911, amg gt or v12 vantage with them. I guess im the polar opposite of you, im not much of a fan of the car, im a fanboy of the 911.

    As for the next cars with arent announced i wont really say ive been tipped off, the devs do a fair amount of trolling on me and ill admit ive guessed correctly a number of times. I’ll focus on race cars because they are the easy ones to guess

    That BMW is likely to come ill agree with you there, the 488 GTE is also likely to come, the GT3 not so much as it doesnt stand out due to BoP which at this point effectively makes new cars pointless.

    Maserati is all the rage at the moment, 250F is the most likely contender due to the Jim Clark reference they made at the end of last year.

    Due to demand from PRO users I imagine the either the super trofeo or the GT4 gran turismos will be making a stand as that would likely get them a nice bit of money. From what I understand a lot of VLN drivers love AC PRO due to its price point.

    MC12 is also something that potentially could come Aris seems to love the car and generally the devs tend to license the cars they like. A while back the short tail Mclaren F1 was licensed instead of the LT because one of the devs didnt like its appearance.

    Heres an oddball, the granturismo and gransport GT3 cars, kunos is always wanting to expanding its most popular class and what better then to expand it with cars that havent been featured in another game before, they werent exactly successful but variety is always nice.

    Alfa Romeo is next and no, its not happening, yes i know Italy but no, that Giulia may get licensed but its not coming this year, Aris shot that down on the infamous facebook thread a while back.

    Porsche is 100% coming in my dreams.

    AMG GT, 650S is might be coming at some point, there is a trend that every pre-dlc GT3 car has its road variant in the game with the exception of the P4/5. Huracan is a harder story because Lambo think they are big.

    Aston Martin were pretty high in the demand list done three years ago, jaguar was pretty high in there as well so they are in the running as well.

    The thing i have to wonder though is that the game has been out for around 1.5years now so how many more licenses will they get, i understand that its a pure bred sim which doesnt want to throw out a new game set intervals but they have licenses for a lot of cars which we know about or dont know about yet.

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  2. Interesting. Well yes, visual appearance is kind of personal preference, but interesting you mention that nobody compares a M6 to the big sports cars. First I wouldn’t, the street M6 is pretty serious. Additionally it’s a huge step forward to the Z4, that one didn’t even drive a Z4 engine.

    I also agree on Aston Martin (which is my guess for the 17th), but usually it takes some time until a new licence cooperation finds it’s way to our downloads. The M6 GT3 might arrive earlier.

    And I don’t understand why Porsche is that big number, except from the fact that it is so rare and hard to obtain as a licence.


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