Reality check I

We’ve seen it coming. Stefano just posted a very worrying response on the official forum in reaction to all the drama like the one yesterday. I won’t quote the whole thing in case you could miss possible edits later on, read for yourself.

In the baseline he gives up. I can’t read if this is for the moment or complete, but somehow I could imagine he doesn’t know either.

His points are valid: They are trying to be extraordinary, honest and nice. Kunos is in touch with their community (forum attendance, twitter, livestreams), and they do it very different: They are passionate, honest and willing to help and support. You will hear “no”, “we already discussed that” and even “go away”, but you can also keep a “yes” for sure.

What I can see here is the experiment to maintain the behavior of a very small company with very few people who care during 5 years of success. And the experiment fails, obviously you can’t. Why don’t the big companies have a culture where their lead physics guys comes to a simple forum thread and gives advice on driving? Where do you have a lead programmer doing livestreams on his weekends? Asking for licence opinions and actually acquiring them in that order? All that direct community contact, without some “we take your issue seriously” PR guy in between.

They don’t, because their people would break under the public pressure. People are asshats to a certain ratio, and the more community you add the more strange people you have to face. I’m afraid that’s the lesson we can see here.

I will stop writing about this for today, because it needs deeper thoughts and time. But one aspect was visible for years, that needs to be stressed:

It truly hurts… and the more we try to explain the more we are called liars.. to the point that I started to wish that WE REALLY DID all this for the console.. or for some angry brand or all the other non sense I read around.. it would make my suffering less painful.. somehow it would be better to say “woopps.. they caught us” than go “what? do people really think this about us?”.. it’s like one of those slaps that hit you right in the face.

Take this insight with you. There is a huge difference between calling a liar a liar, and calling an honest person a liar. The real liar won’t be as hurt as the guy who offensively did not take shortcuts, invested a lot effort and then get’s “slapped right in the face”. Statistically calling somebody a liar (without further proof) is a poor choice.


Enough for today. I’m both sad and angry, way more I should. Will follow Stefano’s example and stay out for while.

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