Moar #savethedate guesstimations

Follow-up: In my first shot I went for Aston Martin regarding the mysterious #Friday17th #savethedate #AssettoCorsa story Kunos brings up currently.. But now I’m less sure.

When you search for #savethedate, you should expect millions of tweets that are focused on weddings and general events, instead of simracing or motorsports in general. That’s why I didn’t even bother, but if you do in this moment, you’ll find something interesting:

So yes, the 24h of Le Mans are teased with #SaveTheDate as well, still nothing new. I rejected Le Mans as possible solution for the date chosen by Kunos; the race starts the 18th – why would Kunos pick the 17th?

So anything around Le Mans doesn’t make sense until you include the date in your investigations, for example use Twitter’s enhanced search and pick #savethedate AND #LeMans24 and follow the way. Surprisingly the third result tweet is this:

First, this leads to the FIA WEC twitter account, that teases the upcoming event very well – not that different to Kunos. I’m sure the FIA guys won’t be affected by how Kunos introduces sensational news – but the other way round? Not impossible.

Secondly, have a look at the right picture:

Between busy days of practice, qualifying, warmup and race there is one lazy day, just the driver’s parade. Friday, 17th. Now you need to know: unlike most other race events, the 24h or Le Mans driver’s parade is not done on the race track itself – traditionally, this event is placed on the nearby city center of Le Mans. This is also the case in 2016, although the route will be changed.

At this point I was suddenly awake. What is actually happening at the track on the 17th? I never thought about this before, but imagine you wanted to laserscan the legendary Le Mans 24h track, you face a big problem: The 24h layout is a combination of a race track AND public roads. In the race configuration, you only have a few days per year – and it is busy like hell. So what actually happens on that Friday, maybe the only day this year where there is no race traffic, but the actual race track is connected and prepared with curbs, rails , barriers and spectator zones?

The answer is: I don’t know, couldn’t find out. Maybe I’d be more lucky with personal experience or knowledge of the French language, but I can tell that iRacing did something similar in 2015, although it seems they were onboard during the construction stage instead of in-between. Is it possible that Kunos announces “right now in this moment we are laserscanning the real curcuit, between qualifying and race” on the 17th?

The “no, because” list might be huge. Probably some french guy instantly comments what actually happens on the track at that day and this is a stupid idea, actually I’m shocked how hard it is to investigate French resources. Also, the licence probably isn’t that cheap, and Kunos is still a small studio compared to iRacing, but who knows?

Kunos did often manage to surprise in the past. They are special, in many ways.


Update: Damn, I should have read the forum before posting. Completely old news, Brownninja97 posted the tweet a few hours ago

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