Prepare to more arcadish reality

Gosh, the past days had some dynamite for Kunos. Maybe it’s related to stress level in advance to the 17th, maybe just bad luck.

Very soon, we should see a new Surreal Car AC comparison, which Aristotelis was very excited for. But many things went wrong here, so let’s catch up the facts.

First, the Surreal Video has – as usual – nothing to do with AC or it’s releases, especially this time Aris told us several times it’s not related to the 17th announcement. Unfortunately this is a rumor through “the community”, but there is nothing pointing to a connection. The comparison videos are more like a private thing for Aris and just accidentally hitting in the same week.

Then we basically know nothing aside from what is written in the following posts to this (some Aris comment and much “Internet Speculations”).

Unfortunately there has been a … glitch so some of the guys could preview a working shot before the video was published. Aristotelis is upset, but I’m not sure if this wasn’t a mistake on the YT channel like user Jaye suggests. Still, could have worked out better :-/

But don’t worry, the video was announced to be live on monday or tuesday and the fact that Aris speaks of work on subtitles in YouTube tells that the work is done and pretty close to be public. Luckily the mods edited the posts so at least most of us won’t see some unfinished work here and possibly spoil the fun.

Waiting in patience now, pretty excited. If you look at the picture – Aris doesn’t look  …  relaxed here, which could mean we have something very interesting and probably educational to see – today?

3 thoughts on “Prepare to more arcadish reality

  1. Thanks for your detailed articles.

    I saw some rough comments on Reddit. Just wanted to tell you I value your blog. Hopefully over time others value it too and you can share your passion with them. If not, keep racing and enjoying AC 🙂

    This Aventador SV is going to be great.


    1. Thank you! And don’t worry about the reddit comments, in a way they are right – at least in their perspective and expectations realm. Won’t stop writing as I’m doing it for my pleasure, foreign language skills and curiosity – not for good comments.

      What I’m not sure about is if I want the blog to be semi-hidden (like now) or public. On the one hand I didn’t want to fall in any trap when it comes to higher attention and clicks (like others probably did), and I’m literally afraid some of the PRC commentors will find my blog.

      On the other hand Stefano’s last response made me angry towards myself. I was watching and even critizising him for fighting drama queens and trolls, instead of at least expressing my opinion once and add some balance in perception. Being afraid of commentors and attention is basically the same, so I carefully started linking where it wasn’t really clever or appropriate. Still a shame that everybody talks about new DLC content instead of discussing the SV video.


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