SV stands for SidewaVs

Finally it arrived: The new Surreal Car AC comparison video (see last). Somehow it could be the last one as well – how could you ever beat this?

Omg this violence and sexual content. I have no idea how, but Aristotelis and his friend Maurizio managed to test-ride one of the 600 Lamborgini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce – the strongest “stock” Lamborghini in history. 750 hp on 1525 kg dry weight.


Aris opens the video with a hilarious worshiping of the “Spanish Fighting Bull” in the tone of an old-school animal documentary; but one minute later you know it’s not that far off to describe this animal similar to the most dangerous and interesting wildlife specimen.

(Screaming) Listen to it, it’s burning the asphalt!

Most obviously, this “street” car on 355ish rear tyres behaves like a rally car on loose ground. WTF they flick, hit the throttle and for that instant the only possible direction is FORWARD.


The speedo is hidden by the wheel, but it should help when you know the 3rd gear is used between 120 and 170 kph.

(Coaxing) Stop it, stop… turn in..

When asked about the amount of practice needed to handle the 750 hp rocket like this: 3 laps. And I don’t even talk about the bravery needed – did I mention the car is worth 400k? That is extraordinary. The bravery could be explained by the temporarily brain suspension such cars unfold upon the first acceleration. But it takes some skills to handle the car like that, even after way longer practice periods. Hats off.


I imagine Aristotelis sitting in the bus, and the typical nice old lady asks him what he’s doing – he would gently answer “I’m a video game developer”. “Oh, how nice!”….

Yes bitch, if you only knew.

(Surprised) Physic’s laws still apply here

By the way the corresponding forum thread is pretty funny, you should have a look. Also make sure you hit the “Subscribe” button on the Surreal Car YoutTube Channel – after all publicity seems to be the only leverage why something like this can even happen. The sister-video of Maurizio is also interesting, and for some comparison action. Especially the last minutes where you can see two grown up children outdoing each other in enthusiasm.

How did you guys manage to get your hands on that car? And how on earth can you even consider going beyond?

And btw, now you really got my attention:


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