AC, Aristotelis advice

Mixed III

#1 Educational thread

Again, there is an interesting thread worth reading on the official forums. Again, it contains Aristotelis’ advice, but honestly I will screencap this one just for habit. It doesn’t stand out as usual, because the other contributions are good as well.


Love to see how not a single person fails to stay on topic and most of the post are dedicated to help either the original poster or others questions/remarks. That’s why I want to visit the forums, thank you and give moar.

#2 GT sports EA trailer

This promotional trailer was linked on reddit/r/simracing:

I’m not that interested in Gran Tourismo Sports and therefore know very little about it. But holy mother did you notice the graphics? Sure, EA footage is often manipulated and for sure the best best case if even possible. Still impressive.

Many little things came to my mind, like the same unrealistic tyre sound compared to AC; the unrealistic curb rubbing in Aremberg, and so on. The GUI sucks, and where is the cockpit view? But this looks promising and surprisingly I already feel sympathy for GT Sports. Maybe because they don’t offer rain and night, and therefore won’t have a fair chance in public perception even before we can actually have a look.

#3 More #savethedate hype

Not. It looks like Kunos didn’t continue giving more hints (or anti-hints). Four possibilities for me:

  1. They didn’t want to do more than a handful Tweets at all. Actually Kunos didn’t do more than that – the discussion and any hype is community-made
  2. Maybe they lost their fun on this, not unrelated to the latest drama
  3. Some of the guesses came too close / hit the nail. They want to save excitement and surprise for Friday, so no more hints if they’ve already seen the correct answer
  4. Expectations became too high. Some guys already expressed their disappointment in advance when it’s “only” this or that. Others are already dreaming of a WEC licence including LeMans, Porsche Aston Martin, rain and night – all together announced on #Friday17th.

I’d go for 3., but this is also pretty stupid. Math says if you have limited options, and many guesses somebody will guess right with a high probability. But Kunos are still humans with natural reactions.

#4 There will be wreckers


Wrecker on Kunos#002 – somebody posts this and wants to see a Wrecker banned. Wreckers are the guys who don’t care about racing, but use the simracing mechanics to ruin the fun of 20+ other drivers with minimal effort. I know this is frustrating and you feel helpless, but come on. Some time ago, we had the a situation this was so common that threads like this didn’t even need to exist.

Sometimes you can use a bad situation to evaluate your current state, and it’s wonderful. I repeat: It’s good that this guy started this thread. It shows how exceptional wreckers became. You can race in SRS races, you can use Minorating servers. The community is grown up and survived the occasionally appearing wreckers.

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