Short summary of the livestream Look What The Cat Hacked In – S03E03 – Odi Et Amo:

  • Special guest via Skype: Simone!
  • Explanations around the drama and his depressions
    • The forum was not doing what it was supposed to do, the more they talked about it the more reasons (hint) they discovered. Felt a lost of control and especially was hurt by the lie-accuses in comparison to their passion and effort for AC (in favor to the community)
    • Got to the point where he officially quit working on AC, but ended up coming back not unrelated to community feedback
    • Admits he’s a difficult person and has bad habits in forum communication, often because of work related moods
  • Literally laughs about rumors/conspiracy like Turn10 and Porsche wants the mod section closed. No way to prove the guys wrong
  • Q&A: Leave comments in this video, so it’s answered next time
  • Launch control: missed it
  • What is the most difficult aspect of the game to code: Drivetrain (and differentials), as real data and mechanics is missing. actually did help here by creating drivetrain models and setup tests, and validate AC code against it. The other thing is Multiplayer for technical questions directly above packet level in terms of racing games. Racing games are different to FPS shooters, examples speed of movement/acceleration (for prediction)
  • Blurriness with PP at Rift: Postprocessing + FXAA is doing some bluriness, “not much we can do”
  • Faviorite car IRL/AC: Right now he has a bicycle, normal car would be GT86, money would be a Mustang. AC Lotus 25 or KTM, online more easy cars like GT3 or MX-5 cup (Simone adds GT3/X-Bow, IRL BMW 235i or “I don’t know”)
  • Gyro-effects: Aris is using it, Stefano is not. Code is done, Kunos is not convinced currently. A new project would have it on by default, but currently the change is too significant
  • Something about Logitech gears, didn’t understand (~22)
  • Bindable Turbo/other controls: Yes, in 1.7, Manuel Darin was doing it
  • Dutch coffee: Very different to Italian coffee (which is Espresso). Dutch isn’t as watery as american coffee -he’s loving it
  • Work on AI: As usually, yes. A bit of everything
  • Cloud update: Simone changed weather, clouds, sun. Not too much
  • LCD pages on the cars: Yes, Stefano likes the idea. Unlikely to add them to legacy cars
  • Grip level not reset on restarting: Fixed for MP, will check for SP
  • Thanks to Marco for the incredible feat of bringing Porsche to AC
  • Thanks to David Dominguez for a torque alignment problem(?), he was right and could be fixed. “You are an *** but this time you were right” 😉
  • No idea about Porsche

New version

  • Improved/implemented a system where the tyre pressure is doing something to the IMO temperatures, more control => heat generation
  • Option to launch acs.exe without the launcher (or at least a custom start)
  • Button assignable TC and stuff
  • Flashing lights assignable to buttons!
  • False start (like netkart): If you headstart you are moved to the pits with a penalty
  • Escape to pits will use the same penalty in order to prevent gaining time
  • Repair times will be higher, giving a real decision now
  • WIP: Race ends in MP “better”, without teleport to pits

About Simone

  • Was working in …
  • Study visaual art composition + photography (after work)
  • Started 3D modelling on a Amiga 1000 and Bentley Microstation, modelling cylinders and ….
  • First track was in Netkart
  • … tracks, need to re-hear
  • For Netkart Pro there was another guy in charge, and Stefano called Simone for his mod achievement


  • How is it working on a sim: Simone doesn’t mind and even likes it as he likes cars
  • AI multiclass: AI is closing too fast and the change-lane algorithm isn’t fast enough, resulting in panic mode. First priority is not-hitting the player
  • White pit line on the correct place: …
  • Evolving track details: There is evolving grip, you can always do better as reality is unrestricted in details – don’t see this happen in AC
  • 4wd drive: didn’t get it
  • Realtime car positions and deltas for apps: Surprised it is not there already
  • Performance delta is a possible solution for penalties, but there are corner-case situations
  • Time to sleep: (both are pointing to their eyes)
  • Tracks more alive: Simone – sure, when we have time *lol*. Stefano: The engine doesn’t support many “alive things” aside from flags and ballons, Stefano’s fault
  • Car’s car reflections: Yes, easy to do but very taxing on the CPU (multiply by 6). Sadly reflection is a huge hack in games, why you can immediately spot a game screenshot by reflections
  • TV choppers on tracks: Physics are not realistic
  • Nordschleife outlap: Simone: At the moment it wouldn’t work. Needs track-specific code with low priority.
  • Roling starts: Corner cases make this difficult. Maybe in MP
  • Finish when leader crosses the line: Will be part of 1.7
  • Porsche releases: Autumn, no specific date. ASAP of course
  • Working on AC2: Not decided yet, probably not. Lots of updates for AC1 this year
  • PP effects of brake lights: No. PP is the default option, without it’s hardly supported. HDR gives the possibility of adding range to luminocity
  • didn’t get that (Forza, ~54)
  • Replay limit remove: Stefano isn’t sure about the limit
  • Track process: Start with tarmac of laserscan, builds the mesh, optimize, generate visual asphalt, ….
  • Most difficult track: Silverstone, because it’s flat and you need to make it enjoyable. Stefano remembers “sky everywhere”
  • Monza 10: Yes, this year
  • Stefano’s Rift is currently broken, complains about the …. (58)
  • Software tools for tracks/Laserscan for public roads (TT): Isle of man difficult to scan as you’d need to stop the traffic. You can’t stop traffic during the scan, you need to take it in one step due to recalibration. Quite a nightmare.
  • Italian pack a thing: Maybe in Marco’s head 😀 The new track is betatested, that was just the name for it
  • Stefano wasn’t using it for a long time. You can put together nodes like engine/gearbox and define scenarios with rules and you get graphs, not that exciting. But if you have a comparison algorithm you can match results
  • Hybrid physics for LMP1: Stefano doesn’t know about this, but Aris obviously does. Ususally Aris defines the requirements and Stefano brings the code
  • AI/MP CPU: didn’t understand that
  • Telemetry button for opponents: No idea
  • Solid axle for front wheels: Not until they have a car that requires this
  • Tunnel at BCC: Yes
  • Tracks after Red Bull ring: Yes
  • Leaderboards + sharing ghosts: Sadly no. Leaderboards are likely useless for cheats
  • No coding today: Stefano is “completely dead”
  • Point missed: 1:09
  • MP points/championships: No
  • Homepage update: Yes, of course. Long overdue
  • Simone on real Ferraris and tracks: Yes, F40 and Monza/Nordschleife
  • Brake simulation wear: Not in this next version
  • SRS: Stefano didn’t try, but read about it and thinks it’s awesome. Was what he wanted to see when they decided to make AC moddable in that way
  • Brake temps in 1.7: Code is there, but not sure if Aris can do the work until launch
  • More Simones: didn’t get that (1:12)
  • Favorite mod track: No time to try (both). Stefano tested the Mazda, MX-5, Cobra and Dallara F3 since AC launched (+ Rally track)
  • It’s difficult to give the idea how many hours they are working on AC
  • How is it to work with grumpy Stefano: Simone knows him since 2001, it’s natural
  • Favourite track: Simone: Nordschleife, Barcelona, Red Bull Ring, one unconfirmed american track
  • Italian or english language: Depends on the people included, switch between Italian and English

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