S03E04 – AI AI AI

Little time this week, sorry I didn’t polish the last entry. New stream again:

  • New version gets close, last call for features currently
  • Talks about things that might get removed from the version due to many late-minute errors
  • Had to spent a lot of time for things he can’t talk about, but is very pleased that it looks like 99% is done
  • The things he does during the weekend …
  • Explanations about changes to mature software: Whatever you change, somebody won’t like it (04)
  • Would like to simplify things, like fuel consumption and tyre wear which leads to many combinations – AI development is hardened
  • False start thing: Different feelings in the internal chat. Teleport is most easy and get’s rid of wreckers. Manuel Darin just coded a drive through penalty system – Stefano says the software design shouldn’t be focused on the bad guys. Drive-through will be tried in any case, also will be extended to admin control and maybe penalty systems. Maybe even the server plugins could invoke drive-throughs.
  • Rules might sound easy, but they are not easy to implement. Example: Blue flags (08), a guy is not passing you and you get black flagged – or you are faster and unlap yourself.
    Yellow flag: (11) you can’t overtake, but what if the guy in front does a mistake?
    If we could teleport people to pits IRL, we would do it 😀
  • IRL we have many ways to punish drivers, which is not possible in the short time of a internet pickup racing
  • Improvements of the MP movements (14) have been done
  • About the AI video: Stefano wanted to redesign the AI behaviour when cars are on the side for a long time. It was trying to get out of cars in range, but there was a long time between the AI’s decision and the real car movement. AI cars would literally run away, which also is a problem on the AI’s race starts (3 wide)
    Now AI cars will also be better and faster in those situations because they are naturally on a better line.
  • Test drive with the new AI (Nismo GT3) on a untested track silverstone(brave!):
    AI goes instantly goes to the left, although it still brakes hard on the first corner it looks much better
    Stefano goes hard on them, they don’t give up as before – wow. AI cars still don’t go for it when he does smaller mistakes, but on medium ones.
    You can see AI fighting each other 3 wide in the mirror, they do much better than Stefano himself 😉 AI even fakes overtaking attempts, very cool.
    Stefano approached the Z4 GT3 which already opened the door politely (but way too early), but didn’t give up as before – Stefano couldn’t pass him.
    A divebomb leads to 2 corners side-by-side, ending up with the z4 in front as he just didn’t get up and also picked a good line
  • Second test with Mugello, which is “potentially a mess” because of the fast corners. When giving up here you loose massive speed.
    First corners are a bit slower than possible, but the AI’s pace becomes very fast early in the first lap. Clear improvement here, Stefano can’t even close the gap to the front at 95%.
    Wow, SLS goes for it after Stefano was running wide, SLS lost it’s position (yes, the white GT-R is aggressive as well). GT-R passes him pretty well on the brake after the main straight, uses it’s space very promising. Polite with a lot of room, but still racing. Well played. The McLaren passes him with contact on the last corner – interesting situation. I think it was right, Stefano should have stayed on the outer line
  • Test on Vallelunga with an Abarth to see if the GT3 field is stuck there. AI is fighting desperately, very nice too watch.
    AI is on 95% and so fast.. Casual drivers soon will need less than 80% AI strength.
    GT3s are passing the Abarth (53), not great but they do instead of going to emergency mode
  • Now the AI understands that the car in front is not as powerful and switches rules of engagement
  • AI sounds like a nightmare to code: Yes, many things need to be understood and transfered to math. Testing is very difficult
  • Why don’t you use helicorsa for the tests: Stefano likes the immersion and fact that he don’t always sees them
  • No fmod changes for not breaking mods again
  • Why visual studio instead of codeblocks? “Why codeblocks”?
  • Nvidia: No specific improvements, just DirectX calling
  • Why doesn’t the AI use ABS? They are using ABS, but he should disable brake mistakes for ABS cars
  • Another 2 or 3 days to AI
  • Tyre model update for 1.7: yes
  • Only virtual mirror without car mirrors? No point as the mirrors show the same image (performance)
  • Gravel physics: Didn’t understand
  • Options for BoP in leagues: Should be interesting, but you already can do something with fixed setups
  • Pitstop during pitstop sessions: It’s a reasonable thing to do
  • Driver change: No plans. Timed race: Yes
  • Telemetry API: no concrete plans, unless somebody tells what is needed
  • Car sticks to the wall when hit while drifting: “I don’t know”
  • Downshift protection doesn’t always work: Locking wheels is not a problem, it only protects the engine
  • FFB more reactive during oversteer: “I don’t understand”
  • Clutch with Auto-clutch: Yes, we did this (?)
  • The server dictates the TC/ABS setting: yes, the server decides if it is enabled/factory/off. It’s confusing and they will work on it.
  • Racing games with similar detailed graphics like Far Cry and so on: The details are different, Curbs for example are very detailed but you can’t see it as you pass so fast. Those games are designed to be walking in, racing games you have the details shifted to things like cars and roads. It’s also a budget and performance thing
  • New Replays: When a session is terminated, the replay will be stored on the file system with configuration possibilities
  • Meet & greet: Lol the KunosCon could be interesting
  • Centrifugal growth: Yes, with the new tyre model version. But don’t overestimate the impact
  • Different grip selection between MP and SP: Technical, even different programming languages, and the UI is very different. The Launcher is an abstraction to the full control of a MP server
  • Vive – no answer
  • Easy to cut corners: This is how AC used to be, and people complained. Make sure to report those places in the forum and it will get fixed
  • Multiclass AI: Power class index – power over mass, so the AI is getting an indication of the performance. Not sure about specific combinations like GT3 vs. GT4
  • Clutch changes for false starts: “I don’t think so”
  • 1.7 release: Was planned for the Red Bull race, but they won’t make it. You will notice that in one stream the 1.7 features are closed, then 1 or 2 weeks
  • Pitbox extension: Yes possible, but more people will try to race 28 cars with CPU problems and bug reports so they won’t do it
  • Tyre wear split in 3 zones: Yes, a very logical extension of the patch system
  • No hint about cars in the next update, but people will really enjoy them
  • Trento on the console version: “I don’t know – check – no you will not”
  • Unlimited CPU power, what would you do? AC is not really limited by the CPU, but by the team. Followed by some chat about CPU and threads I didn’t completely understand (1:23)

2 thoughts on “S03E04 – AI AI AI

  1. Someone needs to bug him about SteamWorkshop integration for AC. For all the types of mods and setups for cars and FFB settings – just like, say, rFactor 2 and Dirt Rally. Have people been asking him this, or did he mention Workshop integration lately?


  2. He did, in one of the newer streams. The code seems to be mostly done, but it has low priority – Stefano is referring to the way outdated website at this point.

    I think one problem is that Stefano doesn’t really use mods so he has no clue what’s actually going on – but I think they are also in fear of copyright issues regarding tracks and cars. That might be a solvable problem, but is still lots of works.

    But I copy, the Workshop is working better than anything. Mods are suddenly accessible to a wide audience, well hosted, easy to install and even user-rated. Maybe it’s not the right thing for cars and tracks, but what about setups, apps, settings – so many possiblities :-/


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