Biased opinions

By accident I found a small discussion about this blog on reddit. I was really surprised about both – it would be something to argue about and the initial direction. After a weird opening I will mostly ignore there are interesting bits, like

I dont have much interest in hearing a 1 sided fans opinion


By definition of being dedicated to, and only covering 1 game, is that not 1 sided? Tough to have a well rounded opinion when you only cover 1 thing. Sure you can be either critical or entirely positive, but without anything to compare against, it’s tough to be unbiased

That gave me something to think. There is at least one guy who expects me to be unbiased, instead deliver well rounded opinions – and I failed him. That’s true, as I never tried. Should I?

He is right, I’m writing almost exclusively about Assetto Corsa. I currently prefer AC over any other sim, so I after some time I lost experience and track of other products, the same for current community topics. I’m living in the AC world, why should I start writing about games I don’t know well? Is this a requirement I have to take serious? Maybe, but I can’t change my approach – it’s not possible. Writing something like the “Look What The Cat Hacked In“- summary requires quite some knowledge you can only gain by following the whole story for years. I couldn’t just switch to Project Cars and do something similar there.

So, we are 1-sided here. I’m still stunned that this is a quality, but ok. How serious is this? Does a blog need to deliver a “well rounded opinion”? On the contrary, I feel it is very dangerous to try to do so. Opinions in the internet are most probably not well rounded, but biased. Just pretending so won’t help and cheats the reader.

But this brings another thought. Not sure if I like it, to be honest. This blog expresses opinions? I wanted to write for the experience, joy and foreign language practice and create a place where the more casual people (who don’t spent their days browsing all the simracing news) could find interesting things that easily get lost. Actually it some kind of personal archive. But yes, obviously I’m delivering opinions here. Thanks for pointing out, I will watch this aspect in the future.

By the way there are two reasons why you don’t read that much negative stuff here. The first is that I really don’t see it. I can pick a computer game that cost me less than 0.05€ per hour and find things I like and that make me happy. Additionally there is so much toxic shitstorm around the web (towards all kinds of developers) that I don’t see any good reason to put even more, even if I had something. Sensible bug reports go to the corresponding forum section, suggestions don’t make sense at this point. There is little I could come with that Stefano and team didn’t already discuss and judge. What else could we talk about negatively?


No, that’s nothing for me. I’d rather pick up some news and maybe some of the really cool community things and contributions. Yes I will give feedback about things I really don’t like – when I can’t find any other report around the web. So far, this never happened.

But do you already know all the videos I picked up so far?

5 thoughts on “Biased opinions

  1. take stuff on reddit with a grain of salt or just anything on the internet. Take it from me, when i joined sim racing and assetto corsa 2.5 years ago i attempted to be as nice as possible and attempted to resolve issues people had. few months back i was targetted by another blog in a slander campaign. i still dont know why that happened. people can be extremely unreasonable at times. It took a lot of digging to convince kunos that i wasnt being malicious to them but a lot of people lost respect for me.

    As for you you arent bias, yes you cover one game but that doesnt make you bias. People like to either jump to conclusions or hear and see what they want to see in other words denial, ive seen it happen many times at my job(i fix watches, if you find a problem they will say 90% of the time “but it has worked perfectly for X number of years”.

    Same with games, lets say for example you love Ferrari, you look over the fence to see how Porsche is doing and realise they are selling more cars, they won le mans twice, they managed to get 380bhp out of a 2.0liter engine(turbo brings that to 550bhp)

    Self defense in your brain starts to kick in and think of the positives. A lot of people feel under threat from assetto corsa so they are much more likely to lash out. Back when i hardcore played granturismo i out right hated it whenever someone said forza was great.

    The other thing is though is the craziness surrounding the word “fanboy”. Since when is that bad, people make it out that your opinion is null because you like the game. Yes you can like a game but you can still have the ability to point out flaws. Assetto corsa has flaws we all know it but its all known and documented so pointing it out in every document isnt gonna help.

    Oh look a dev stream, sorry you forgot to include your list of features AC doesnt have.

    You are the first site in a while that focuses on truly interesting things, thats why I and several other people come here everyday, its why a dev came by to say a few words. Just do what you currently do, if you follow a template that others are trying to force on you then it will not sound as natural.

    Someone will get offended on the internet regardless, they just have to suck it up and deal with it, its just sad to think that a lot of these people are fully fledged adult members of society


    1. Don’t worry, I don’t give too much about it. Some of the quotes are a good point for reflection, others are interesting showcases of the expectations and manners in the simracing community – but in the end there was only one rude guy who calmed down a few comments later (from “shitty AC shill blog” to “Perhaps I was harsh with my initial comment”).

      Love discussions where stances can be changed – they never are useless.


  2. I don’t think this blog is biased, or if there is bias, I don’t think is the evil on purpose bias. You’re just covering one game with news from the devs and from the community, among other activities surrounding AC and the community. You weren’t hiding that, even the blog name and image is more related to AC than other games.

    Judging a blog by the cover instead of its content is like judging a person by its character as an excuse to disagree with what he said.

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  3. You are not allone, I too lost interest in the other driving games after I discovered AC
    This game is made so well, and the small team behind it is so passionate about it.

    On my way home from work, I often find myself thinking of AC and which car I’ll take for a spin around the ring.
    There are details in this game, that are nothing short of incredible.
    Have you noticed that there are different rev limiters on the cars? They have actually gone to model them differently to reflect the technology that was used.
    Drive a turbo car, and you can feel how the actual spool up of the turbo is modelled. it is different from car to car, and from gear to gear. While only guessing here, but it seems as for the time it takes for the turbo to spool up and the rate at with it spools up, they seem to have actually modelled the speed and quantity of the exhaust gas that drives the turbine. It feeles completely dynamic.
    I’ve owned an Audi Quattro myself long time ago, and when driving the Sport Quattro in AC I was perplex.
    To get the tone of the engine right is to be expected today, that is a given. But in AC you can even perceive how the engine is mounted in relative soft bushings (no idea why Audi did this with all their 5 zylinder engines) and the rather violent load changes this results in are actually in the game. When accelerating hard out of a tight corner in eg. 2nd gear, in RL, the steering whell pulls and feels pasty due to the 4WD drive, and the car has a noticeable tendency to push. Do this in AC and it does the very same thing. AC has also correctly modelled the buckle of the rear suspension, that is characteristic for this car when accelerating hard from a stand still.
    I could go on for hours for each and every car…

    Am I biased? Well as it’s the pure driving of the cars, that thrills me, and to experience the difference between the cars, I could not come up with one single negative thing about this game. So yes, I’m biased too

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    1. Oh.. This is pretty good. Yes, I love those details, but obviously you need many different people to even start to enumerate them. Maybe I should write an article which is just an anchor point for such details – especially when covered with 1st-hand information.


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