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Unicorn Tracks

Kunos (or 505?) just delivered a new trailer, this time about the legendary tracks in Assetto Corsa.

I’m pleased so see yet another epic goose-bump one. You might know my opinion regard the use (or not!) of motor sounds, but aside from that I can only bow my head.

Every bump…
Every curve…
Every slope…

Featuring legendary circuits such as Silverstone, Monza, Nürburgring-Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps, all which have been laser scanned to perfection, Assetto Corsa has been developed to provide an incredibly realistic driving experience, at the highest level of accuracy.

Get ready to take to some of the most iconic tracks this August on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Pre-order now! >

The most I like is actually the not-soooo-new play with the laserscan overlays. I can’t get enough, watch 1:37. Oh this is a shot from the original Nordschleife teaser? Well.. It can’t be linked often enough; the all-time-reference if you ask me. (hint: it is not the same take, but an improved version)

But we can also spot new stuff:


I could be totally wrong here, but to my knowledge those should be the first moving pictures we’re allowed to see of the historical Monza oval curitcuit.

Obviously not new is the console prestige pack, some pre-order nonsense I have no idea why Kunos would want to start with. Luckily most of the cars already are available for the PC version, and that’s what I’d guess won’t change. But today it suddenly struck me that the Ferrari 488 GTB is involved there – and we have a “Red Pack” DLC incoming.


For the last point I wondered if I suddenly un-learnt counting:


15 Tracks? Well, technically we have track 16 folders in 1.6. Given that this trailer was aiming at the console release, you need to remove Trento Bondone – this old Netkart Pro conversion probably didn’t meet Kunos’ quality standards for the console release so it won’t be included. 15, right? But it wouldn’t make sense to release a Console trailer that most probably includes every PC DLC until that date – and we know about the Red Bull Ring in the “Red Pack”. There is also the historical Monza in the video, so I’m counting at least 17 “tracks” (or will this be a layout to monza66, unlike Nordschleife vs. Nurburgring?). Ok, maybe we should remove the drag strip and drift track.

I’m counting 27 layout configurations today, Simone already said the RB Ring will be delivered in two layouts. That would be 29, so Kunos does count different here.

Theory 1: The video doesn’t regard some tracks and layouts as tracks- maybe stuff like the fantasy track Black Cat County isn’t iconic enough? But then.. the number “15” won’t work out. Is there even more to come until end of August?

Theory 2: I really un-learnt counting.

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