Too many highlights – S03E06

  • There will be a 8th car for free alongside the pack Oo
  • As usual little reminder of questions that won’t be asked (it’s getting old a bit)
  • SP timed races: Stefano once said won’t happen because it’s complicated to estimate fuel and length in quick races. The suggestion using the qualifying session doesn’t help here – there is no logical problem with qualifying
  • Can the AI ideal line be used for a dynamic track (grip)? Yes, that could work. Netkart Free even had a grid on the surface that really calculated dirt and rubber. He’d rather repeat this if he ever went to dynamic track grip, but not for 1.x
  • AI lines are for all the cars, which isn’t correct as different types of cars would drive different
  • MP replay could the head movement / clutch info added to the netcode? Probably not as you add network bandwidth for little gain
  • The netcode “list” is so little that the client even recalculates things the other clients knew – if I understood correctly
  • AC = iRacing in the future: clear no, this is not what we want to do with AC. iRacing is a fanstastic platform, AC has some mods to fill the gaps
  • Forcing AI setup: by looking this up Stefano redesigned the behaviour. AI_default named setups will be the default setup for this track/car COOL!
  • Self aligning torque: Yes it is in 1.7, but no you won’t feel a big difference
  • AI gaps after 100 laps: The differences between AI balanced out before 1.7, now they vary much more during the lap and the race. Will be more unpredictable and realistic
  • Can you show us how to pull away smoothly (regarding clutch): Live demo
    • Try to start below 2000 rpm. Stefano has no problems to do so, but his considerations: When the car is not moving, there is an additional force that keeps the car stopped. This way it can be a little bit more difficult.
    • Stefano can add engine stall with only one flag 😀
    • Modern cars will help you to start slowly by adding throttle by electronic helpers. He only-the-fly codes something similar (looks dirty 😉 )
    • He also quickly adds gamma to the clutch so it bites later
  • Live demo Aventador SV
    • Many cool new stuff in this car, it should be the highlight but won’t because of the F1s
    • G-Meter in the display
    • new -didn’t understand- code: very easy to do maneuvers like Aris did in his video. The electronics will handle the the drift almost on it’s own
    • He drove the “normal” Aventador: The car moves around when braking, which is nicely replicated in AC. The brake bias is way in the rear until it evolves angle
    • The first car that needs to brake for the T1 in vallelunga he personally drove
  • Live demo: Mixed supercars race at Red Bull ring:
    • he has the feeling the AI code is much better now, more improvements possible
    • AI is pretty slow towards T1, then bamm
    • WOW action in the mirror to T2, 2 cars pass him until T3
    • absolutely impressive action there. no sign of weakness, everything remains dense and tight. wth
    • the delta app calculation changed from distance (which is confused by different lines) to the spline position (% of the track). slightly less realistic, but more precise. This is opening the door on delta-based penalties and slightly faster to compute. Now even the AI calculates their deltas
  • Live demo: Maserati 250F V6 at Zandvoort
    • The 12 cylinder was an attempt to beat the rear-engine opponents with power. Seems like it didn’t work well
    • AI didn’t open that typical gap at the start, lots of authentic battling. AI cars are all over the lines
    • AI does indeed vary a lot, you can see them driving different lines and individual mistakes and slides
    • They get even different lines on the straights, looks very good opposed to the artificial lineup we know
    • AI overtakes Stefano upon small mistakes
    • Car looks terribly oversteery, but Stefano says the FFB tells you exactly what you need to do so it’s not a hard car
  • Live demo: F138 at Red Bull ring
    • Ferrari 488 GT3 is on the list of his launcher!  (so I was wrong, again ^^)
    • has DRS and KERS which requires much more action on the steering wheel compared to the SF-15T
    • that steering wheel and cockpit.. wow
    • “excuse my driving, the car is too fast for my brain. I can’t think in this speed”
  • Live demo: SF-15T at Red Bull ring
    • is a spaceship
    • ERS is 3 elements:
      • Battery (level on the steering wheel)
      • MGU-H: H for heat. It sits on the turbo and creates energy by transforming heat to energy. The energy can be sent to the battery or the electric motor
      • Another system can accelerate or brake the turbo, eliminating the turbo lag or obey rules
      • MGU-K: Generates energy when braking or coasting – or generates torque and gives them to the wheels
    • You have 4 sets of ERS related controls:
      • Ctrl+1: MGU-K recovery
        How much brake power is generated by braking or coasting. This is additional rear braking which can make the car difficult to brake/coast – it is slightly unpredictable. So you might not want to use 100%
        The brake is not physically attached, and they are allowed to attach a system that manipulates the brake power according to the recovery level. AC simulates this
      • Ctrl+2 MGU-K delivery
        Cycles the algorithms that decide about the power that is used by the MGU-K. You can watch the blue line in the Gear app which is the power output. In the profile “balanced high” you see electric energy in gears 3-7. “Overtake” will unleash anything you have, especially topspeed. “Top speed”, “Hotlap”, “Charging”, “Balanced low” are the others
        Stefano does a “Hotlap” lap, the energy level on the wheel drops way below half capacity. Back on “Charging” and 90% recovery the car doesn’t use energy and harvests enough energy to be full again
      • Ctrl+3 MGU-H mode
        Selects if the heat engine delivers it’s power to the battery or directly to the kinetic motor. The FIA rules are very complicated, it must only generate 4MJ of power during one lap while MGU-K is unlimited.
      • Ctrl+4 Engine brake adjustment
        Computer is actually giving throttle to counter engine brake on low settings, which is consuming fuel but is easier to drive.
    • They plan to do a dedicated video to explain all of this
    • While we know all of this, we don’t exactly know about the implications on the race are. betatesters are doing this currently
    • Differences to the real car:
      • Distance-based regulations, they are recording the distance to understand where you are on the track, and you may change “things” dependent on the position/distance
        In Monza, you want to use all of your energy at the end of Parabolica towards the straight. This is not that difficult to do, but that’s a lot of work and AC is not enough a F1 game to invest that for 1% of the cars
    • There’s also the KERS button that gives everything the car has (probably for overtaking)
  • This single car got lots of code
  • LMP-1 car will use the same approach
  • Won’t spoil other cars
  • Will the AI use all the trickery? Sadly no, just default settings. Too close to release
  • No tyre color change (?) – AC won’t turn into a F1 simulator
  • 2 days left – DRS rules are high on his list
  • Stefano has no idea what the Red Pack will cost
  • He tries to have a couple of weeks off AC, but he doesn’t sound confident he will manage it
  • The AI is using DRS
  • Different grip selection between SP and MP, was answered in the previous stream. The realtime app shows the exact grip level with 1.7
  • False start: he wants to show, but doesn’t know how to enable it for SP. Can show in MP. Three modes:
    • No jump starts as before (START_RULE = 0)
    • Teleport (START_RULE = 1)
    • Penalty (START_RULE = 2)
  • Car-based control presets (for wheel bindings): we will see, this is pretty new
  • Potential AI improvement: Stefano thinks he is near the limit what can be done with an AI that has no memory. “Real” AI does learn by experience and many mistakes, while games use algorithms for many, many situations. Lengthy explanation about wrong tyre choices
  • “AI is useless for a simulator”: For any guy that prefers MP, you will find one that prefers SP
  • Grid manipulation: You can already do this by hand (race.ini), but 1.7 might enable custom launchers that handle this
  • All new 1.7 cars will have the tyre model version 10, current cars keep tmv7
  • There is lots of ERS / F1 related information on the web, the AC system is pretty close
  • Game should be out next weekend, so next stream will be talking about the launch

9 thoughts on “Too many highlights – S03E06

  1. Good write up!

    Me being the “glass half full” type of guy rather then the “glass half empty” one, I did enjoy the AI in 1.6, but what we’ve seen so far of the AI in 1.7 that seems to be THE major improvement to the game, much more then the new cars.
    I think Stefano is a bit cautious about it, and does not want to create a hype, but the AIs in the Aventador race in Spielberg were epic!


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