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Aristotelis’ racing school IV

Alternative title: “Return to the Empire”.

And there it is: Aristotelis continues his new and highly appreciated series. Actually we already have the 3rd video, but let’s highlight “Go faster! Engine and Gearbox”:


In a huge change to #1, we now see a super short but well rounded intro. It has everything, and nothing is too much.

Engine characteristics

Remember how many people commented that they think Aris is shifting too late in the first video? Well, turns out Aris fooled us in #1, preparing the effect of better shifting. Repeating a reference lap of 1:12:237 and just ajdusting his upshift behaviour to the engine characteristics…


… he’s doing 0.406 seconds faster. Very nice display of the advantage during the back straight with help of the performance delta app. No questions left.


Changing seats to the Mercedes DTM car we have some gearbox basics around adjusting topspeed at 14:49, followed by some more explanations and even advanced stuff while still referencing and utilizing the power graph characteristics.

The most interesting bit here is the relative pace Aris sets on this car, he really loves the car and is way faster compared to the 235i.


I liked the first video a little bit more for the content and length. But technically I can see good progress, I mean we see Intro and video editing. Especially the power graph blend for the BMW was well executed, successfully preventing a boring alternative. That Star Wars humor may not be everybody’s favourite, but for me things like that keep tension and make the watching highly unpredictable and enjoyable. Speaking of predictability – wait for #3. I’ll wrap it with #4, as both seem related.

Note to myself: #1 has now 21k views, #2 is already at 6k.

Thank you Aris and please keep on, this is going somewhere and you already made a difference for many guys, even above your targeted skill level. Anybody else had a good laugh 😀

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