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Laser-scanned numbers

We already touched the topic in Stefano’s Livestream preparation article: For the update 1.2, Kunos added the track Zandvoort – as a polished mod instead of from-scratch laserscanned work. According to my memory – and the public perception – this caused a huge shitstorm. “Lazerscanned” is some kind of AC meme now, and Aristotelis called it a failed experiment.

Now, 11 months later, AC user ShredatorFIN picks up the topic again and opened a poll asking the same question again:


The current results are surprising. Or not? Worth a look.

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Hacking cats (update)

It looks like Stefano Casillo will pick up his pretty popular live stream about coding in Assetto Corsa again:

The stream has been delayed, but I’m still excited and maybe it’s a good thing to summarize what his stream is about and what to expect from Season 03 of “Look What The Cat Hacked In”.

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Political activists and beta testers (update)

A Race Department discussion just created one single post that is worth thinking of:


The context is a bit confusing, but people are discussion about the relationship between the Kunos developers and their betatesters for AC. This post is explicitly not talking about Assetto Corsa, but “betatesting in general”, and the fear of an unhealthy “yes man” mindset.

“Unfortunately” Stefano (Kunos lead developer) answered on the official AC forum before I could write down my thoughts – but I don’t believe him.

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Asking for success

Sometimes it’s just enjoyable to see how others are struggling, recovering and finally winning just by doing right. This is the story of a guy who asks for help with high power RWD cars in the official ac forum:


Asking for help in a simracing community with thousands of active users often brings sad results. Not this one: Somehow the complete process went surprisingly well, constructive and even ended with a quite advanced suggestion by Aristotelis – it’s worth thinking about “why”.

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