Highlighting highlights

Not only since Stefano’s latest stream people are getting really excited about Assetto Corsa 1.7.  I am as well, but not for everything. To be honest I’m afraid there will be a huge disappointment and I already feel sorry for the Kunos guys who are working hard on the next version(s).

Stefano live demonstrated the false start with drive-through penalty, and that gave me some thoughts. Careful: High amount of opinion!


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AC, Guide

Starting out with Assetto Corsa

This valuable post tries to collect things new guys starting out with AC. I think the reason is the Steam summer sale, but if you look to the near future AC gains many more members due to the Console release at 26th of August (30th for North America).


Having good starting points are very important, especially for a product like Assetto Corsa. Although I advise to keep your eyes on the initial forum post (and contribute, if you can!) I’ll have my own take here – and try to keep it up-to-date.

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Biased opinions

By accident I found a small discussion about this blog on reddit. I was really surprised about both – it would be something to argue about and the initial direction. After a weird opening I will mostly ignore there are interesting bits, like

I dont have much interest in hearing a 1 sided fans opinion


By definition of being dedicated to, and only covering 1 game, is that not 1 sided? Tough to have a well rounded opinion when you only cover 1 thing. Sure you can be either critical or entirely positive, but without anything to compare against, it’s tough to be unbiased

That gave me something to think. There is at least one guy who expects me to be unbiased, instead deliver well rounded opinions – and I failed him. That’s true, as I never tried. Should I?

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