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Aristotelis’ racing school III (!)

Alternative title: “Bump. Brake. Stupid!”.

I always had the opinion that Kunos’ physics guru Aristotelis has a special gift to educate about anything regarding racing. There’s a category in this blog, trying to summarize his rare posts and I’m even drawing the whole maybe-AC2-wishlist topic under the headline “Aristotelis’ racing school”. Yes, I’m a fan here, and today Aris made his fans very happy:

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AC, Aristotelis advice

Mixed III

#1 Educational thread

Again, there is an interesting thread worth reading on the official forums. Again, it contains Aristotelis’ advice, but honestly I will screencap this one just for habit. It doesn’t stand out as usual, because the other contributions are good as well.


Love to see how not a single person fails to stay on topic and most of the post are dedicated to help either the original poster or others questions/remarks. That’s why I want to visit the forums, thank you and give moar.

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Asking for success

Sometimes it’s just enjoyable to see how others are struggling, recovering and finally winning just by doing right. This is the story of a guy who asks for help with high power RWD cars in the official ac forum:


Asking for help in a simracing community with thousands of active users often brings sad results. Not this one: Somehow the complete process went surprisingly well, constructive and even ended with a quite advanced suggestion by Aristotelis – it’s worth thinking about “why”.

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